Your Wedding Day – 4 Things Not to Stress Over

It’s your BIG day! You have been planning and planning and gave up 90% of your time to make it the best day ever.

Here are four things you shouldn’t stress about on your Wedding Day.


1. Your Wedding Party.

They are there for you. As long as they all show up let the rest end on them. Don’t worry about their hair or make up problems. You picked them to be in your wedding for a reason so trust that they won’t do anything to screw it up.

2. Your Photographer.

Okay. You hand selected a photographer. You had meetings and shared ideas, now it’s time to let them do their thing. We all work differently, but we know this is a very big deal. We wont miss anything. If you are worried that your photographer can’t handle the task or may miss your first dance find one you are 100% comfortable with. It is just as important to have great photos as it is to get along with your photographer.

3. The Weather.

There is always a chance it might rain. Have a back up plan, but don’t let it ruin you. Let’s make a list of the most important things – You look great, your friends and family are cheering for you, you are so in love, and you are about to start a wonderful future! Nothing could ruin this day! Plus, if you have an amazing photographer they will be able to handle any weather situation without you even remembering. Heck they might even make that bad weather into the best photos ever!

4. Being The Center Of Attention.

You may be thinking “big deal”,  but I have met many brides who panic when they think “all eyes on me”.

Honey, flaunt it. You look amazing. Everyone is there because they love you. You go out there, rock that dress and show everyone what love looks like. Plus, your bridesmaids will have a nice glass of champagne for you if you do get a few butterflies.


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