The Truth About Elopements

Let’s talk about elopements for a minute. I’ve been reading articles published by the big wedding industry leaders that put elopements in a bad light. They make the decision to elope sound like a black cloud that is going to hang over your head forever. I can’t disagree with this thinking more.

Elopements are wonderful and can be just as exciting as having a big blowout wedding. I’ve always been partial to the classic Notebook love stories. The ones where against all odds love prevails. Maybe it’s my deep down hopeless romantic side, but there is something magical about seeing two people do anything for each other. Especially now, with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – where every single decision we make from what we drink to what book we read is at the constant approval of hundreds of people. Sometimes you want to hide from the grid and disconnect and those times that you actually get to are very special.


If you decide to elope or have a very small wedding that is up to you. You aren’t being selfish and your day is just as important as any wedding day. You can still have the dress, the shoes, and go dancing – you don’t need to have 200 people around to do those things.

When two people fall in love and decide to celebrate that commitment it shouldn’t matter how they celebrate. The point is Love and that is something we could all use a little more of.





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