Dress Up Your Elopement

Just because you decide to elope doesn’t mean you have to give up on the wedding details. Deciding to elope in the past had a bad rep. because eloping wasn’t as glamorous as a traditional wedding ceremony. Elopements are still a type of wedding and can still be styled with beautiful decorations.

Picking a theme or color can be an easy way to create a special mini celebration after your marriage. It’s still so much cheaper than an actual wedding and you get the fun of decorating!

Setting a romantic dinner table in a lovely location is a nice way to dress up your elopement and make it fit your personal style.


Atlanta Elopement Photography




Atlanta Elopement Photography







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Very nice photography work. This is really gorgeous and so simple! Had to share it on one of my pages. The red is so amazing.

Joy says:

Hi! Thank you so much- I appreciate your feedback and sharing!