5 Frequently Asked Questions for Your Portrait Photographer

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What is included in the session price?

Options like: How many hours, the number of people included, how many photos you get and delivery methods are things you must know before you book. Understand your package options so you are not surprised when there are extra charges. Some photographers offer an online gallery and some only offer prints from their studio. Get to know the products that the photographer offers. Online galleries can be a great way to order print products without the hassle of going through a random online vendor.

What time will the shoot be?

Generally speaking, the best time to shoot is later in the afternoon.  This time is 60-90 minutes before sunset and has the most beautiful lighting. This is ideal, but make sure your photographer has experience with all lighting and weather. A photographer can make great photos in most light conditions if they know how to handle the camera.

What should I bring?

Anything you’d like to add to your photos such as props. If you’re going to be in the sun with children it’s a good idea to bring sunscreen, bug spray, water, or snacks. If you would like a pet included I suggest talking to your photographer before so they can prepare. Pets can be really fun to work with, but may need an additional person around to watch them if the shoot is long.

Timeline for getting photos back?

This can vary depending on the photographer and the delivery method. Typically for portrait sessions, a two-week window is common. If you need one or two photos quickly for announcements make sure to mention that photographers can be very accommodating.

Where should I order prints?

Some photographers ask for additional fees for the print release and some include it in the packages. A print release allows you to print your images through any lab you wish. Not all labs are professional and some may deliver prints with strange colors or on cheap paper. Many photographers (like myself) offer an online gallery which has the option to order high-quality prints easily and at a decent price.


Are there any questions you have? I would love to help!